University of Wisconsin System Office of General Counsel moves into full production with Epona DMS solutions – Matter Center, DMSforLegal and Office 365

The Office of General Counsel for the University of Wisconsin System has expanded their already robust use of SharePoint Online and Office 365 by deploying the Epona Matter Center and Epona DMSforLegal solution set.  OGC has now expanded their use of the Office 365 offering to manage their legal documents, email and other content.

University of Wisconsin SystemMadison, Wisconsin and Asheville, North Carolina – February 20, 2020.  The Office of General Counsel at the University of Wisconsin System (OGC), is responsible for both ‘intra-legal’ as well as externally facing legal work and has already invested much into the SharePoint and Office365 environment.  Having the ability to now utilize Office365 SharePoint as a fully robust, traditional DMS (Document Management System) with the modern capabilities of Office365 was a no-brainer for the Legal Team at University of Wisconsin.  The Epona project to convert their Office365/SharePoint environment began in August 2019 and was fully ready with desktop add-ins and in full production by years end.  What is even more powerful is the ability for the legal professionals to have an ‘intra-legal’ site that clients can utilize to initiate a matter with the Office, which directly interacts with the DMS.


Quinn Williams, General Counsel, had this to say about the product and the process: “Our prior system served our needs, but didn’t consider the power of Office365.  Now we are filing email into our matters, searching and finding documents we need, and more all from Outlook, which is tied directly to our SharePoint system.  It is a huge boost to our productivity.”


Alicia Boll, Office Manager, added this: “Our prior vendor told us they were ending our system, and we had a year to switch to something new.  When we found Epona we were excited not to have to relearn everything. We just switched to a system that we already knew, which made life easier.  Also, the Epona team was great to work with.”


Keith Vallely, Vice-President of Epona USA, said: “Firms, Departments, and Businesses that are utilizing Office365 no longer have any reasons to stick with the old systems. They can now consolidate systems under the Microsoft banner.  The University of Wisconsin proves it.  We really enjoyed working with the UW team, and are pleased to have such a high profile Institution of Higher Learning General Counsel Office join our family.”


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