Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles in production with Epona and LegalServer

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles in production with Epona and LegalServer

Los Angeles, California and Asheville, North Carolina – February 18, 2021. Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, one of the largest legal aid providers in the United States serving hundreds of thousands of people a year, deployed the Microsoft 365 Epona Matter Center and Epona DMSforLegal solution in October of 2020. Document Management and Email Management — unified into a Matter or Inquiry-based DMS that can be accessed through desktop applications like Outlook and Word — were critical for the large staff of legal aid volunteers and nearly 200 attorneys. As a not-for-profit legal services provider, LAFLA also chose LegalServer, an industry critical Case Management platform, to manage their matters. To assist LAFLA with providing a deeply powerful DMS to be the back-end repository for LegalServer, Epona built a powerful two-way integration wherein Matter data can also be seen within LegalServer, after LegalServer initiates matter creation in the Epona DMS.

The combined power of LegalServer, Microsoft 365 and Epona

“When we first began working with LegalServer we were extremely excited and impressed to move to their solution. However, since we are a Microsoft 365 shop, we realized that LegalServer’s repository for SharePoint needed more document management and email management capabilities. Epona not only provided the critical capabilities we required, but lots of extras that many of users have come to love, like email filing notifications. Once the integration was built, we also asked Epona to migrate our content from our legacy system. The migration process was challenging to say the least, but Epona stuck with it, and now things are flowing excellently.” said Michael Polanichka, Director of IT at LAFLA.

Keith Vallely, Vice-President of Epona USA, said: “Working with not-for-profits is something I relish, as the idea that I can be part of a solution that is helping those who are less fortunate nourishes my soul. Additionally, in the case of LAFLA, they help a lot of people and their project was not just complex, but required a lot of expertise in working through the many challenges of their systems that needed to come over to the new system. When CV19 ends, I look forward to flying to Los Angeles and breaking bread with people I now consider my friends.”

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Photo credit: Nathaniel Riley