Epona DMS on Microsoft 365 now integrates with Salesforce CRM

Enterprise, Corporate Legal and Law Firms that utilize Salesforce as their CRM or Matter Management systems, can now utilize Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams / SharePoint as a Document Management System with Epona tools. Epona has now successfully completed full native integration between Salesforce and Microsoft 365 where a user can simply click a button from within an Opportunity, a Client/Customer or a Contact and create a Workspace, Project or a Matter in Microsoft Teams, or SharePoint.

The Site that is created in Microsoft will be provisioned to include any Salesforce metadata properties, i.e., company, matter, project, or workspace related properties, including security and other settings that can be applied from Microsoft but driven from Salesforce.

Keith Vallely, Vice-President of Epona USA, said: “This Salesforce to Microsoft Teams and SharePoint integration is the first in what we are hopeful is the Holy Grail for organizations that want a fully integrated solution, wherein all content, and all capability is in Microsoft 365.”

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