Adams Krek LLP switch from NetDocuments to SharePoint Epona Matter Center; also take a look at the New SharePoint Migration Tool from Microsoft.

Hawaii based litigation firm takes full advantage of their Office 365 investment.

Honolulu, HI and Asheville, NC – September 20, 2018  Adams Krek LLP, is a globally oriented firm based in Hawaii that focuses on general civil and commercial matters. Today, Ashley King, Executive Director and E-Discovery Manager announced they have been in production with the Epona Matter Center and DMSforLegal for over 6 months.

Ms. King had this to say about how Adams first six months of experience with Epona has been: “When we approached Epona, we had recently left NetDocuments and had already started using Microsoft Office365 and SharePoint online as a DMS. Our staff was frustrated because although SharePoint in its native state was great, it just didn’t have all the legal features we needed. Epona was able to take our already in place document repository in Office365 SharePoint, and convert it to the DMS we wanted when we left NetDocuments.”
Ms. King also expressed her feelings about Epona, “Working with the Epona team was great. They took the time to show us new workflows using the custom environment. Epona was able to leverage their abilities and focus on our needs, and this is what exceeded my expectations.”
Keith Vallely, Vice-President of Epona USA, stated that “Working with the Adams team and Ashley was great. They knew exactly what they wanted, and already had a home grown DMS in SharePoint, so migrations and other costs were not required for this deployment. My only regret is that Ashley’s team found our solution so easy to adopt, that they didn’t need me to come to Hawaii for a 3 week training seminar.”